What We Do & How We Do It

What we do?

IDIOM develops and licenses decision-making software to automate business policy on a large scale, making systems more transparent, more agile, and more durable, while reducing development cost, time, and risk.

IDIOM automates business products, services, and processes by applying your business policies completely, consistently, correctly, and very, very quickly.

  • Automate business policies for immediate, accurate, and transparent frontline decision making
  • Increase business agility to lead or respond to market innovation
  • Ensure absolute alignment between business policies and computer systems for verifiable compliance
  • Simplify systems and development practices to collapse development time, cost, and risk

How We Do It?

The secrets of IDIOM’s innovative approach.

Technology Innovations

Strongly align system design concepts with real-world business entities – one data entity per business entity (NOT one data entity per normalized relation); one process per entity life cycle (NOT one process per event) to realize large scale simplification of systems.

An optimal process has only two moving parts – the current process activity, and the best next process activity. Use IDIOM decisioning to determine the best next activity for each and every entity, everytime –very, very quickly.

Tightly couple data and decision hierarchies with an optimal blend of meta and real-world concepts to create generic systems with few moving parts and perfect business alignment.

De-couple and delegate the first order business content that defines business products, services, and processes; retain system control and execution of activities in a tightly engineered application container that is only 10% of the size of the equivalent 'tightly coupled' application.

Legacy systems can be easily extended and enhanced with a new light-weight, decision driven façade; hollow out the back-end, replace when ready.

Business Innovations

IDIOM allows business experts to create new fact types, new business rules, and new decision structures ('first order modifications') to support business products, services and processes, enabling exceptional business agility.

IDIOM decision making is managed by the business, for the business, and without IT fingerprints, ensuring high development efficiency and perfect alignment between business and systems.

IDIOM's large scale, agile decisioning capability encourages continuous development and testing of challenger strategies for all decision-making (including best-next process).

Always advancing, always remembering. Agile development, testing, and deployment of business logic in a continuous release cycle that is automatically versioned – forever.

Lessons learned are never forgotten. Corporate knowledge is organically acquired from subject matter experts in the normal course of business - then tested, versioned, and retained. Forever.

All business knowledge (data + decision making = knowledge) can be recorded, tested, and published by the business in an IDIOM repository to provide a single source of truth and a complete, consistent, and correct specification of the business content in any system.

Record operational decision making at the entity transaction level and link to the 'corporate memory' for full transparency and complete auditability of all decision making, automatically and without effort or visible overhead.

Binary BPM (the best-next activity every time) equals perpetual process optimization, which is an antidote for disruption and a catalyst for innovation.