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The following diagram outlines some options to help you continue your enquiry – just click on the box that suits your need.



If you click on the LURE Sample Application, we will collect some details about your business and provide you with some time and effort guidance for your project’s migration and/or product development needs. The LURE Sample Application is built on the LURE framework and is used to demonstrate various LURE technical capabilities. LURE is a framework that provides the majority of the features and functions required for a full cycle insurance system, including migration, a product engine and workbench, and full cycle policy administration. LURE is installed with a single button click, however, it explicitly does not include insurance products, nor your specific workflows. Products and workflows are configured just-in-time to your specific requirements, by you (or your preferred SI partner), by IDIOM, or by our one of our world class Systems Integrator recommended partners.


You will need to register your email address to access the LURE Sample Application, which requires an emailed access code. If you opt-in during your registration, we will contact you and get the process started. Our Privacy statement can be seen here.


Or you can start by reading the whitepaper: ‘Anatomy of an Insurance Product’. This document discusses how various products can be quickly configured and deployed using standard design patterns that are naturally supported in LURE (no registration required).


You can also request an in-depth look at a current production instance of LURE, Insure Online, which is a direct to consumer SME commercial insurance sales platform.


Finally, we can also build an insurance product for you by way of a ‘proof-of-concept’ [POC], which we will deploy in our lab environment.


Beyond this point, further engagement will require agreement as to commercial terms. We offer the following broad engagement options, each tailored to your size and risk appetite.



The traditional corporate procurement and formal project management approaches do not fit easily with IDIOM’s ultra-agile approach, which is designed for agile insurance vendors who are prepared to take a risk to get ahead of the game. We believe that risk mitigation is best achieved with fast development micro-cycles, which reduces the risk burden, improves ROI, and allows for rapid learning.


However, if you prefer or require more traditional procurement and project structures – for instance, formal RFP’s and/or structured waterfall project approaches – then we prefer to work with partners who specialize in these techniques. IDIOM has a range of local and multi-national systems integrators who partner with us to service clients who prefer these more traditional approaches. Please call and we will help you select the best partner for your needs, or we will work with your SI partner of choice.