Partners Life Team

Partners Life

Thank you for your outstanding effort in helping us create the best electronic application solution in the industry!

Kaye Ryan

Deputy Chief Executive People, NZ Police

"Since 2014, New Zealand Police have worked with Idiom Ltd to support the remediation of payments made to staff to ensure compliance with the Holidays Act 2003.  This involved building a solution using their toolset that could recalculate payments by automating logical and numerical operations across the source payroll data. The tool was successfully used by New Zealand Police.”

Bobbi Parkinson

Principal Advisor Financial Strategy and Planning, Auckland Council

"I love the IDIOM solution"

Paul Venables

Director, PowerHealth Solutions

“IDIOM gives us the flexibility we need in dealing with different approaches in different projects” 

Stefan Sepanaho

Consultant, TeamPROGRESS NZ Ltd

“A GUI that your grandmother could use” 

Patrick Power

Managing Director, PowerHealth Solutions

“IDIOM . . . more fun than playing golf”  

Mr Douglas King

Chairman, Investors Guaranty

“IDIOM is the key to understanding and managing your business DNA”

Phil Bowden

IT Strategy and Planning Manager, NZ Insurance Ltd

IDIOM represents an improvement in process, making it easier for developers to generate business rules, and for business people to understand them . . . leading to a consistency of approach that lowers costs long term.

Julie Glamuzina

Middleware Project Director, NZ Customs Service

Within only a few days of formal training, NZ Customs Service personnel were able to take total responsibility for creating and maintaining business rules for their organization using IDIOM. An initial load of approximately 100 distinct business rules was completed in one day.

Graeme Booth

RHE & Associates, Solution Delivery Manager.

Adopting IDIOM as a core component of our system has enabled us to fully delegate the definition and maintenance of all business rules to the client domain experts and analysts. The impact on the SDLC is positive and significant with this clear delineation of responsibility enabling the business dec...