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"> ECN Enterprise Reverse Logistics Videos

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ECN Group - Enterprise Reverse Logistics (ERL)

Every business has product returns. When this happens there are a myriad of decisions that a company and possibly its retail partners have to work through to process those returns.

Most businesses are configured to do forward logistics but struggle with reverse logistics. The returns process usually includes customer services, operations, warehouse, finance and also often involves external parties e.g. 3PL, service agents and couriers. Reverse logistics is difficult because there are multiple parties, limited visibility and different process and procedures for each brand or product.

ECN Enterprise Reverse Logistics® (ECN ERL®) automation helps solve this problem. It collects and analyses data at the point of customer contact, and then automatically processes a Goods Return Authorization (GRA) based on the business rules and processes relating to that product, store and any other rules applied to the situation.

ECN ERL® is a centralised, web based, Business Process Management System. Retailers and internal staff can access the secure system over the internet and work through predefined (yet configurable) processes that are supported by Idiom's rules based engine. The system is also built to integrate with existing legacy systems (e.g. for validation of warranty and date of purchase).

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