IDIOM Forms is a tool for generating web forms that embed the power of IDIOM decision models into the form at runtime. As the user navigates through an IDIOM Form, the integrated decision models can be executed on a field by field basis to make various business calculations and assessments, and to modify the form’s meta data. This allows the decision models to dynamically adjust the visible shape and content of the form on a field by field basis.


  • The form is instantly generated from the same schema as used for the decision models
    • All datatype and facet programming is automatically generated
    • Layout and structure are inferred, CSS styling is added as required
    • Realtime element level communications (AJAX) are embedded
  • New ‘Session Schema’ – containing the form’s meta-model is auto generated to support a ‘session management’ decision model, which controls the form’s behaviour
  • Tightly integrated Business Decision Model – same logic as used in the back-end, any complexity, any scale
  • Reflexive – together the decision models interpret, assess, and modify the form in realtime as the user enters information
  • Very large Forms possible – thousands of input fields, hundreds of rules events, dozens of tabs through many nested levels – a complete application to manage the form’s subject matter



An IDIOM Form can be used to process complex business transactions (e.g. insurance underwriting, a clinical pathway, a loan application) through to closure, including validation, transaction acceptance, pricing, and up-selling, and workflow.


IDIOM Forms is capable of dealing with substantial, complex entities, with many forms in production now having thousands of data elements and hundreds of rules events in a single form. 


The IDIOM Forms Engine (the runtime component of IDIOM Forms) is production hardened after many years production use on thousands of servers throughout the NZ health sector. The deployed IDIOM Forms Engine became the basis for the NZ Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) forms standard and is currently the most compliant under that standard. The Forms Engine is now in wide use in the finance and government sectors.