IDIOM Database Mapper

IDIOM Database Mapper

The IDIOM Database Mapper is a high performance relational to XML mapping tool that uses an XML configuration document to specify how relational database tables are mapped to an XML document - it then uses this mapping to:


  • extract records from the database as XML
  • pass the records through one or more IDIOM Decision Engines
  • (optionally) write changes back to the database.


The database/XML record can be large and complex - one root entity to provide the root for the XML document, then any succession of children, parents, children of children, children of parents, parents of children, etc.


Examples of use of the Mapper include the following:

  • District Health Boards (SQL Server) – to process patient lists for data cleansing;
  • Rail Operator (DB2) – process millions of rail micro routing segments as part of a rail costing system;
  • Fund Manager (SQL Server) – use a supplied key to extract and process large and complex records (e.g. an entire fund) for many purposes - e.g. fund valuation, taxes, entitlement calculations, etc.;
  • Super-fund Administrator (SQL Server) – process 120,000 members through a month end process (insurance, fees, member adjustments, period and YTD reporting);
  • State Health Department (SQL Server) – process all patient episodes statewide for hospital funding calculations;
  • Government Agency (Oracle) – process 30,000 employees for payroll audit and remediation over the full term of the employee;
  • Super-fund Administrator (DB2) – process 1million fund members through a validation suite on a daily basis, including nearly 1billion dependent records.