IDIOM Migration

IDIOM Migration

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The IDIOM Migration Bridge introduces a new and essential ingredient to the traditional Extract, Validate, Transform, Load [EVTL] concept – the bridge itself, which is a state-full resting place where the validate and transform activities can occur independently of the extract and load. In fact, because it is much more efficient to validate and correct migrating data using IDIOM decision models, IDIOM transforms and then validates so that validation is done in the context of the target rather than the source system (i.e. ETVL)

The Bridge provides the opportunity for multiple business interventions that add significant value to the migration, as well as de-risking the overall process. The Bridge also resolves the complexity of many-to-many migrations involving multiple source and/or target systems.

In fact, this capability can be used to on-board and merge portfolios without interruption to existing business systems, so that portfolio acquisition and rationalisation can become business-as-usual activities.


Traditional Migration = One Process, Exponential Complexity

IDIOM Migration = Single Step Migrations with State-full Resting Point in the Bridge



A State-Full Bridge enables Useful Business Interventions

  1. Data Validation and Error Correction
  2. Calculations Refactoring and Audit
  3. Product Rationalisation
  4. Customer De-Duplication and Cleaning

And expands the concept of migration to multiple use cases:


Internal Design of the Bridge

The Bridge is a specialization of the IDIOM Transaction Engine, which includes the following components:


Download the 'From LegacyTech to DigitalTech' whitepaper here.