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IDIOM can extend the performance of bespoke systems developers by providing improved development performance. The customer will also perceive an improvement in the quality and capability of the delivered system. These improvements will include:

  • A discrete and effective rules management process, with greater control and improved implementation performance over the full life of the system.
  • Complete and automatic documentation of the full set of business rules; an inventory of rules.
  • Increased separation of the business logic from the technology itself, providing protection from technology obsolescence.
  • Provision for third-party and/or remote suppliers of business rules.

And this can all be achieved with faster development and lower development costs for the developer. How can IDIOM achieve this? The most important improvements can be gained by applying decisioning concepts throughout the development cycle. 

IDIOM is designed to help the developer apply and leverage the above approach. Development performance is improved through several aspects of IDIOM's capabilities.

IDIOM is faster

IDIOM is a declarative, design level tool. Capturing business rules in IDIOM is an improvement over alternative requirements documentation methods, but with IDIOM completion of the requirements specification also signals completion of development. The result is applications code that is better documented, fully tested, robust and scalable, and is produced at least 20 times faster than with traditional SDLC approaches.

Parallel development

IDIOM allows the definition and implementation of business policy and rules to occur in parallel with development of the technology infrastructure. You do not need to have a full understanding of all the business rules before the infrastructure development begins. Infrastructure can be completed, and even tested, prior to completion of the rules – and vice versa.

Decision centric analysis and design

IDIOM promotes analysis and design that is based on the core decisions that are made by the business. This improves business alignment and speeds up the requirements and design processes.

The only constraint on the development process is the requirement to build appropriate exit points within the host application – once this has been done, then IDIOM can be used to give the customer complete control over the processes surrounding those exit points. In short, give the customer a remote control for their application.

Some areas where exit points should be considered include:

  • Data gathering and validation.
  • Approval/authorization/referral.
  • Product and service selection or optimization, including up-selling/cross-selling.
  • Derivations and calculations.
  • Workflow control/routing determination.
  • Pricing.
  • Document/contract construction.

IDIOM can implement any rules within the constraints of the available data, to manage the application functions listed above.

A Message to the Developer

We are keen to assist you to add value to your customer developments. Naturally, we do not expect you to have to buy IDIOM yourself.

We have a special program to ensure that your customer gets the best possible deal, without cost to you – if you think that you might have an opportunity, please Contact Us