The IDIOM Transaction Engine provides the foundation for all Platforms. For a full description of the Platform concepts and capabilities, please read the IDIOM Transaction Engine pages. A 44 page whitepaper can be found here.


The IDIOM Transaction Engine is a complete digital application that is configured by the IDIOM Tools to achieve outstanding agility in any commercial domain that manages the state of its subject entities using transactions. Examples of candidate entities include insurance policies and claims, loans, benefits and entitlements, lifetime pathways (clinical, social, educational), patients, passengers.


The IDIOM Tools are used by business analysts and other business subject matter experts, so that configuration of the platforms remains under business control unless specifically delegated to IT.


The IDIOM Transaction Engine has been partially pre-configured to meet the specialized needs of two specific domains:


  • LURE Liquid Underwriting and Rating Engine, a fluid and agile insurance product and policy administration platform
  • IDIOM Migration Bridge, providing a safe-harbour for onboarding legacy applications, allowing SMEs to acquire, analyse, clean, and normalize them, and ultimately to merge them into target systems on an ongoing basis


Because these specializations are primarily configured by the IDIOM Tools, they remain inherently agile and can easily cross traditional domain boundaries so that for example, the Migration Bridge has been integrated with the LURE insurance platform to provide a business on-boarding capability that is unique in the Insurance industry.


The reference technology stack for the Platforms is Microsoft’s Azure Platform-as-a-Service [PaaS]. Some Platforms are also available in a VM, and/or RedHat OpenShift.