Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions

IDIOM’s tools and approaches have a wide variety of uses across many commercial software domains. The depth and breadth of solutions being built using IDIOM is growing daily, with many examples in health administration and clinical health; superannuation, finance, and insurance; local, state, and central government; and logistics and loyalty.

IDIOM’s role within these domains is most often to provide mission critical business capabilities – real-time validations, approvals, pricing and workflow for the core business entities that make each business tick.

IDIOM has also been used for more utilitarian functions like large scale auditing, remediation, data masking, data migration, and various middleware tasks.

IDIOM’s comprehensive plug-n-play logic is suitable for embedding business logic into vendor applications, to extend and customize the applications at low cost and low risk. This proven ability to ‘mass-customize’ vendor applications reduces costs and expands utility for the vendor, while providing business agility for the customer.

IDIOM powered decision making can also be embedded retrospectively into legacy applications, to extend their life, expand their capabilities, and hollow out risk; often, when the legacy application has been sufficiently de-risked, the new IDIOM powered capabilities can replace them all together.

Our sample of Solutions provides a cross section of Solution capabilities, but is by no means complete. We expect to expand this set significantly when we have a chance to fully document the many exciting projects now coming on stream. Please come back soon as we intend to expand this sample set regularly.