About Idiom


Capability Assessment

  • Speed to market – design, build, and deploy complete applications in just 100days
  • Data Migration – the IDIOM Migration Bridge provides critical tooling, coupled with deep migration experience through our affiliated partners
  • Cloud Deployment – cloud native, containerized applications running in Azure PaaS
  • Multi-Country – consultancy and deployments in more than a dozen countries, four continents to date and still expanding
  • Multiple Lines of Business – Life insurance, P&C, wealth management, health costing and billing, clinical health, loyalty and travel, city, state and national Government
  • Alternative Pricing – monthly consumption-based pricing, bespoke pay-as-you-go pricing, monthly, annual, and capital purchase pricing, risk sharing
  • Internal Resources – special relationships with major Systems Integrators and Consultancy firms for access to expanded skills and resources on demand
  • Access to Specialist Knowledge – partner alliances with insurance specialists and actuaries, data archaeologists and migration specialists, user interface and process designers


Core Competencies

  • Leadership in the art and practice of analysis, design and construction of business algorithms, which includes logic, algebra, and traditional ‘business rules’ (i.e. constraints)
  • Experts in best practice algorithm design for many domains – insurance/finance (underwriting, rating, claims, credit risk, product rationalisation), health revenue and cost management, clinical pathways, logistics, central, state, and local government
  • Architecture and design of decision centric systems and solutions for any domain
  • Agile methodology experts for rapid fabrication and delivery of light-weight, purpose specific business solutions – standard delivery target is 100days
  • Strong technical and development skills across both Microsoft and Open Source (Java) development platforms
  • Web application design and delivery
  • Large scale migration, audit, and remediation of application data
  • Tool enabled transformation and migration services for legacy applications, including product and system rationalisation ‘in-stream’, with particular focus on insurance
  • Legacy system capability enhancement, and extension of system life, without major surgery on the target system through judicious use of IDIOM’s plug’n’play technology
  • Cloud based [IaaS, PaaS, SaaS] development, deployment, and ongoing management of applications



  • Overall winner of the 2018 Business Rules Excellence Awards, San Antonio, Texas
  • Author and exclusive owner of the IDIOM products: IDIOM Decision Manager™, IDIOM Forms™, IDIOM Document Generator™, IDIOM Dialog Manager™, IDIOM Decision Manager Workbench™, and the IDIOM Transaction Engine™
  • The first (in 2001) to differentiate ‘decisions’ as a first-class business and systems requirements artefact, and to develop new tools and complementary analysis and development approaches to leverage this
  • For 20years IDIOM has harvested the benefits of dozens of customer projects to develop, test, and refine decision centric development across many domains
  • A global thought leader in development of the decisioning concept, with numerous articles published in the Business Rules Journal, The Data Administration Newsletter, and Modern Analyst, plus a strong global following on our Twitter identity, ‘Intelligent Form
  • Pioneered the fusion of decision centric development with agile methodologies to derive outstanding business agility with even lower cost, risk, and time to develop


Scope of Existing Customer Use Cases

  • Insurance Underwriting, Rating, Workflow, Claims Management, Reinsurance and Reporting (Wealth, Life, P&C, including specialist lines) proven through more than a dozen insurance system builds
  • Payroll calculations for ~30 tier one employers, several hundred thousand employees in aggregate, eight underlying payroll systems
  • Pension fund and entitlement calculations, including defined benefits schemes.
  • Health billing (Hospitals, Outpatients Clinics, Ambulance Services), including complete national hospital systems
  • Health costing (DRG based cost analysis) and subvention
  • Clinical pathways (Lifetime cancer pathways)
  • Organ matching (all organs for transplant services)
  • Benefit entitlement calculations (Government)
  • Integrated information services linking Insurance/Health communities
  • Airline ticket pricing
  • Loyalty reward calculations (Airline)
  • Revenue (policy-based billing) calculations (City Governments)
  • Policy adjudication (Border Control)
  • Document composition (all domains)
  • Audit and compliance testing (all domains)
  • Workflow management (all domains)
  • Large scale data validation, transformation, and migration (all domains)