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Technology & Innovation the Future of Banking & Financial Services

Date: 04/06/2014 To 05/06/2014

IT Leaders Panel

Melbourne, Australia

The next frontier – technology trends, challenges and opportunities for the banking and financial services industry

  • Addressing the impact of a real-time core inter-bank system 
  • Giving customers what they want – how can IT leaders support customer satisfaction and advocacy
  • How is your organisation addressing the demand for next-generation technology skills?
  • Identifying key technology investment priorities for the year ahead

Transforming the Business with IT

  • The contribution IT is making to BOQ’s business transformation
  • Improving the customer experience with greater system capabilities
  • What is the next essential element for bank technology?

Digital’s Impact on Customer Experience in Financial Services

  • Uncovering paradigm shifts in customer expectations due to disruptive technologies
  • Breaking the shackles of legacy systems to be reborn as a digital-led organisation
  • Embracing digitalisation for a superior customer experience

The Next Phase in Big Data's Evolution

Banking on the 3rd Platform – Capitalising on Big Data, Agility and Platform as a Service

  • How can financial services respond to radically changing customer expectations, shaped by new entrants to the market
  • Taking advantage of rapidly changing market dynamics and the opportunities they present to gain a competitive edge
  • Learn how to differentiate your organisation through developing deep business insights and more....


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