IDIOM automates the business policy life cycle for immediate, accurate, predictable, transparent decision-making – every time
IDIOM Decision Manager
Define, document, verify and deploy complex calculations, decision making, and business rules
Drag + drop GUI gives SMEs a 'remote control' for business processes
One click for business/compliance reporting, with traceability to business policy documents
Generate secure, audit compliant Java or C# source code for automated business calculations and decision-making
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The Role of SQL in Decision Centric Systems - IDIOM has recently completed re-development of a complex entitlement calculation for a defined benefit scheme. At the conclusion of this effort we discovered that the IDIOM calculation runs more than an order of magnitude faster than its legacy system predecessor. We were intrigued as to why this should be so. The resulting investigation has led us to believe that the underlying SQL based data activity is a substantial contributor. This paper explains how the IDIOM approach is different, and why it can have such a profound effect on system performance
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