IDIOM automates the business policy life cycle for immediate, accurate, predictable, transparent decision-making – every time
IDIOM Decision Manager
Define, document, verify and deploy complex calculations, decision making, and business rules
Drag + drop GUI gives SMEs a 'remote control' for business processes
One click for business/compliance reporting, with traceability to business policy documents
Generate secure, audit compliant Java or C# source code for automated business calculations and decision-making
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Decisions are the essence of value creation inside any organisation, any system. Decisions are encapsulated within transactions. Transactions are assembled into systems. Simple. Use a small, tightly engineered, industrial strength, transaction ‘engine’ to execute the library of computer generated and independently tested transactions. Robust. Incrementally build a library of atomic, decision-centric transactions and plug them into the generic transaction execution ‘engine’. Use decision controlled orchestration of transactions at runtime to materialize ‘just-in-time' processes to achieve the business purpose. Agile. Decision centric transaction systems: Simple; Robust; Agile; delivered for Lower Cost, Risk, and Time. This presentation will use real-world examples to show in detail how the decision centric transaction approach simplifies systems while increasing business agility.
Building Business Capability - Las Vegas
Nov 02,2015 To Nov 06,2015
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